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After School

ROSCCO After School Activity Program Information

The ROSCCO After School Activity Program is administered by ROSCCO. The After School Program is designed to meet the needs of working parents by providing a safe & stimulating environment. The programs utilize the cafeteria, gym, and/or the outdoor playground and other available facilities in the public school buildings.


All school age children deserve: An affordable, quality program which offers a safe, supportive and friendly environment, encourages a positive self image and confidence in their individual abilities, provides fun activities and academic studying opportunities.

After School Activity Programs are offered at: Davenport Ridge, Hart Magnet, K.T. Murphy, The International School at Rogers Magnet, Newfield, Northeast, Roxbury, Springdale, Julia A.Stark, Stillmeadow, Strawco, Toquam Magnet and Westover Magnet.

Days and Hours of Operation

The After School Activity Programs run from school dismissal until 5:30 p.m.

Both the BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY PROGRAMS begin on the second day of school and follow the Stamford Public School Calendar thereafter. The programs do not operate when school is not in session due to holidays, inclement weather or other emergencies.


AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES include: Aerobics, arts and crafts, chess instruction, food projects, indoor and outdoor play, indoor table games, dramatic play, movies, reading and story time, science projects, supervised homework time, special activities and field trips.


Enrollment into the program is on a first come first served basis, dependent on space availability and completion of paperwork. Participation on a drop in basis is not available.

Go to FORMS page for REGISTRATION forms and fee information.
Registration Office At Hart Magnet School, (by appointment only)
61 Adams Ave. Stamford, CT 06902
Phone: 203-977-2734, Fax: 203-964-8399