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21st Century Community Learning Centers

Program Goal

To establish a community learning center that provides supervised, safe, and substance-free, after school, summer, and summer school based programs for expanded learning opportunities for students, their families, and our community.


The 21st Century Community Learning Center programs offered at Cloonan Middle and Hart Magnet Schools provide comprehensive, academic, enrichment, recreational after school and evening programs, which includes broad-based partnerships with the community. This collaborative is offered through partnerships with the Stamford Public Schools, ROSCCO and collaboration with many community agencies, parents, children and youth.

By extending the school day, the 21st Century Community Learning programs support for the students, including homework help, reading, language arts, social studies, math and science tutorials, all delivered by the school staff.

The concept of providing enrichment and recreational activities for children and youth has led to the development of a wide array of services that are developmentally and culturally appropriate in meeting the needs of our children and youth. Programs range from exploration of career options, community service opportunities and family life education, to computer enrichment, dance teams, environmental clubs, organized sports and culinary activities. All these activities have been conceived and developed within the successful implementation in a safe and stable environment. Staff are involved in our learning center providing tutorials, homework help or recreational and enrichment activities for students.